Pixel Pokémon NFT Collection

Gotta collect 'em all!

Pick up your favourite classic Pokémon as we progress through the Kanto region.

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#001 Bulbasaur

#002 Ivysaur

#003 Venusaur

#004 Charmander

#005 Charmeleon

#006 Charizard

#007 Squirtle

#008 Wartortle

#009 Blastoise


We're making our way through the Kanto region for Season 1!
Our ErgoDex is going to be filling up with all the original 151 Pokémon NFTs.

Special trainer and gym leader NFTs will be released along the way too.

We are massive fans of Pokémon and the Ergo network.
We will steadily release this collection over time but, of course, if the community takes a particular interest then we'll pick up the pace!